How to Set Up a Trip Wire for New Subscribers

If the term "trip wire" seems overly technical and scary - it shouldn't! A trip wire is simply an offer that you present at a specific moment to entice someone to buy a product.

While there are many third-party programs to create trip wires and sales funnels (Thrive Leads, etc), you can absolutely set these up for free using just your blog and your email service.

1. Email Download Tripwire

Once you've created your products and have them ready to sell (on whatever sales platform you are using), you then create a smaller/lesser version of that product to offer as an optin incentive.

When they click the button to confirm that they want to be added to your email list, you can then immediately redirect them to a custom landing page on your blog (page template). This should provide a link for them to immediately download their freebie, followed by a LIMITED TIME (discounted) offer for the paid product.

While this seems so simple and so basic, it is also HIGH-CONVERTING (provided you have the right product offer in relation to the optin).

2. Email Welcome Tripwire

Another method that you can use is to create a really great welcome sequence that leads up to a final email offering the limited-time discount offer. Be sure that your welcome sequence really lays the foundation for them to WANT the paid product.

A great example might be that your welcome email includes 5 daily emails, each offering various tips for getting started with Bible Journaling. In your final email, you offer them a discount on your Bible Journaling templates bundle.

I would actually offer this in addition to the Confirmation Page tripwire.

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