SEO for Christian Bloggers

The Key to Getting More Jesus on Page One

Are you struggling to get real, organic traffic to your Christian blog?

Do you feel so overwhelmed with having to write AND continually promote your blog?

Does the term "SEO" freak you out or feel like a foreign language that you can't understand?

Imagine writing content and NOT having to continually promote it in order to get traffic! Imagine having so much extra time on your hands because you aren't promoting your blog daily on Pinterest and social media!

That's what SEO will do for you! SEO enables you to basically "publish and for get about it" and still get traffic to the post a year later.

Many new Christian bloggers get sucked into the never-ending hole of blogger threads as a means to drive regular traffic to their sites. While this does generate traffic to your site, these are not genuine visitors. These are NOT people who are actually seeking the content that you are writing about. These are not the new people you are hoping to reach with your encouraging and uplifting words and message about God!

As a result, most of them will NOT turn into engaged subscribers, nor will they help convert your affiliate links to sales (if you monetize your blog). If you want to start generating genuine, organic traffic - traffic from those who are specifically looking for your content (via Google search), then you MUST focus on learning SEO strategies and using them when writing content.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the key to getting your blog posts found organically on Google. Most new bloggers simply come up with an idea for a blog post, write it out, then publish it. While that is the basic "method" for writing a post, a little more research needs to go into choosing the keyword phrase to rank for, as well as following a particular format for how the post is structured. This is necessary in order for Google to read and understand what your content is about and give it a ranking (displaying it in search results).

At the end of the day, your goal as a Christian blogger is to reach more people for Christ. To offer hope and encouragement to those who need it most. To do that, you need to get your content ranking on PAGE ONE for a Google Search on a given keyword. Why page one? Because even if you finally find yourself ranked on (let's say) page 2 or beyond, the reality is that when most people do a Google search, they RARELY look at the results beyond the first page.

Don't worry! It is a LOT easier than it sounds!

Started a new blog, used everything LeeAnn taught me in this course. It has been 8 weeks to the day and one of my blog posts is on the very top of page 2 on Google. I have another blog that unfortunately I haven't touched in almost 6 months. I still get 1000 page views a month on this small blob because of LeeAnn's strategies 🙂

- Jessie,

This course literally saved my blog! I started blogging in 2015 and wrote consistently with little growth for 5 years before I came across Kingdom Bloggers Academy and this course! At that point, I was getting a grand total of 3 organic visitors a month. As of today, only 6 months later, organic traffic ranks as my number one source of traffic and I am seeing over a thousand organic visitors a month and growing! The value of this course is so much more, and LeeAnn is a treasure of knowledge! I am excited again about blogging and even more excited that I can share the love of God with more people by writing optimized content! What else can I say about this course other than "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? SIGN UP TODAY!

- Ashley, Undoubted Grace

If you are going to invest in any course for your blog - this is the one! Before taking the course I was managing about 50 pageviews from search engines each month. Six months after taking the course my traffic has doubled each month, with more than 1500 pageviews from search engines alone last month and I have ten posts on page one of Google! But the course is about way more than the numbers. The best thing I learned from Leeann is that I COULD be on page one of google. LeeAnn has given me the confidence to believe my writing is worth reading and the knowledge to make it available for the right people to find it. Thanks LeeAnn!

- Karen, Karen Hopkins Online

You guys this course is worth SO MUCH MORE than I can even say! There is no other class out there like it. LeeAnn works one-on-one with each student answering every question and walking you through each step. There are courses out there for Pinterest and other social media platforms, but SEO is so much more important and valuable, and so few are actually doing it right. Getting truly optimized posts is so much more than a green light on the YOAST plug-in!
Since taking the course I've been going through all my old content to update it with proper SEO, and within weeks of doing the work these posts are showing up on page 5 or higher in Google search results. One of them is already on page ONE!
Search engines like Google are how your target audience is going to find your content. If you're not showing up in search results, it's going to be really tough to get anyone besides other bloggers reading what you write. But with what you'll learn from LeeAnn, your hard work will actually benefit the very people you started doing this to reach in the first place!
Take this class! I know you'll be so glad you did!

- Cherith, His Dearly Loved Daughter

In one month, my SEO traffic went from 258 to 770 through implementing LeeAnn’s techniques. I also now have a few posts ranking on page 1 of Google!! She has shared and taught a wealth of information that I am slowly putting into practice. I’m thrilled to see what the future holds and am so thankful for discovering this course! Her SEO course and boot camp are truly invaluable. "

- Erin, Raise Your Sword


Not using SEO is like writing a book and hiding it under your bed where no one can read it!

What will you learn in this course?

  1. How to really focus down your target audience.
  2. How to implement Backend SEO to your actual website (not a post).
  3. How to properly use categories and tags.
  4. How to submit your Sitemap for indexing (and why).
  5. How to create a content plan based on SEO.
  6. How to find and research your competitors to rank for similar keywords.
  7. How to rank each blog post for MULTIPLE keywords.
  8. How to narrow down the topic for each blog post to one that is more "focused" instead of "general."
  9. How to correctly do SEO research to find the best SEO keyword to try to rank each post for.
  10. What is a long-tail keyword and why is it so important.
  11. Free tools for conducting SEO research.
  12. What are additional related keywords and why are they so important.
  13. What are Heading Tags and why must you use them in the correct manner.
  14. How to properly format a post for SEO (how to write a draft outline that is optimized for SEO).
  15. How to properly use internal and external links and why they are so important.
  16. How to SEO your Resource Pages so they come up on Google searches.
  17. How to optimize for Pinterest SEO.

I don't even know what to say right now LeeAnn, you truly are amazing. I've been watching my google analytics go up this week by 30% with me not even posting anything new. Granted this a unique time for online traffic, but my pinterest has soared without me pinning and my etsy sales have increased! Then I watched your new keywords video and started playing around with Ubersuggest and it led me to this. what? Page 1? I know the search volume on this is low, but I literally started to cry and I'm not a very emotional person."


- Rachael, Healing Home

This course taught me foundational aspects of blogging that I didn't realize I needed. If you're going to blog and spend as much time as we do in preparation for a post, it's important to do it right. Not only that, but you want people to find you. This course teaches that. LeeAnn teaches in an easy-to-understand manner, with a servant's heart. I would recommend this course over any other course available!

- Wendy, One Exceptional Life

I can't even begin to express just HOW MUCH I have learned. I didn't even know what backend SEO or keywords, etc, were when I began. Very intensive and jam packed course that will help you to completely overhaul the foundation of your blog. You won't regret your choice to take this course and will be absolutely floored by how much you will learn by the end of the course. Leeann is so knowledgeable and very loving and helpful to walk you through it all. This course will bless your socks off! 🙏❤️

- Donna, Fresh Grace for Today

Trying to get more traffic on your page and to your website is a struggle! But with the tools you will learn in SEO for Christian Bloggers, you will find the mystery unraveled and specific steps to take to get more organic traffic. This course is affordable and packed with great insights and instruction. Unlike other SEO courses, this one is specific for Christian ministries which makes it so much more valuable and useful as a Christian blogger. LeeAnn pours tons of value into this course!

- Karen, Savoring Each Moment

This course is so worth it! Recently, I went through their course that absolutely changed the way I think about sharing the Gospel through my blog. It will surpass every high-end course out there. LeeAnn Fox, the instructor, is so knowledgeable and provides hands-on guidance to help you address any blog issues you may be facing. She knows how to teach SEO and preach the Gospel.⁣

- Haley, My One Comfort

It's hard to overstate how valuable this course is for Christian bloggers! LeeAnn is knowledgeable, a great teach, enthusiastic about blogging and Jesus, and incredibly reachable for instruction and encouragement. Every Christian blogger should take this course. No kidding!

- Cindy, The Titus Woman


SEO is the key to getting MORE JESUS on Page One Results!

Your Instructor

LeeAnn Fox
LeeAnn Fox

LeeAnn is a retired Navy Veteran turned Christian blogging coach. After leaving the military, she found her passion - helping God's Army of Christian writers to flood the Internet with His love! She created Kingdom Bloggers as a place for Christian Bloggers to learn the art of blogging so they can get more Jesus on Page One of Google!

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