He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Matthew 16:15

Attention Christian Bloggers/Authors!!

Called to share the Good News but confused by all the tech and strategies for growth?
Or are you a Christian author trying to expand your audience through blogging but just don't understand how it all works?


✅ You just want to write but are intimidated by the tech side of things.
✅ You work so hard on blog posts but they never generate traffic.
✅ You are overwhelmed with "all the things" you must do to be successful.
✅ You despise social media but feel it is necessary.
✅ You are tired of spending time and money but not seeing growth.
✅ You want to do online ministry full time but need to generate income as well.
✅ You want to generate income but do it in a way that honors God.

You are not alone! Hundreds, if not thousands of other Christian bloggers and authors share your struggle!

It's not your fault that you feel utterly defeated at this point!

The enemy knows how powerful a CONFIDENT DIGITAL DISCIPLE can be and will use your lack of knowledge in this area to get you to quit before you even get started!


I'm your digital spiritual battle-buddy!

I know how to do battle in this digital realm to ensure you fulfill the calling and mission God has given you.
I understand all this tech stuff and DEFINITELY know all of the tricks the enemy can sideline you with (if you let him)!


✅ You finally learn how to blog EFFECTIVELY while truly reaching an audience that WANTS to read your content!
NOT being scared of the tech stuff and totally figuring out this SEO stuff!
✅ Spending LESS time and getting MORE accomplished.
✅ Finally seeing organic traffic coming to your site without having to constantly promote it!
People subscribing to your email list (and reading your emails)!
Finally earning income from your efforts!
✅ Getting emails or DM's from people who found your content and tell you how powerfully it impacted them!
✅ Finding out someone came back to Jesus because of something they read on YOUR site!
Getting requests to use your products in Christian and public schools, prisons, and more!

😍 Feeling like what you are doing MATTERS! 😍

Why Does This Training Matter?

Matthew 9:37-38 is a good place to start!
"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."


The internet is the field that needs to be harvested. It is filled with people that need to hear and receive the Word of God.
And YOU may be the only opportunity they have to hear and receive Him!
God put this calling on your heart because He has a plan for you as a Digital Disciple (Christian blogger).
But He NEEDS you to understand the "rules of the game" in order for you to be successful in your harvest season.


Because you've been doing it alone for long enough!
You followed the advice and guidance from secular blogging coaches and have still fallen short of seeing actual fruit from your labor.
This training will unpack the mystery of SEO in the simplest terms. It will help you maximize what little bits of time you have to ensure you are focusing on tasks that MATTER.
It will teach you to identify and avoid the busywork that leads to overwhelm and stress.
It will give you the CONFIDENCE needed to fully step into what God has called you to do!
I'm a retired Navy veteran turned digital ministry coach with a passion for teaching Christian bloggers and authors how to harness the power of the internet to reach more people for the Kingdom of God.
Somehow, God has blessed me with the gift of understanding all this online tech stuff so I can teach others how to truly reach others with the Good News of Jesus through blogging and digital ministry.
This is not a business for me - it is a ministry. A ministry designed to equip God’s digital army to dominate the internet for His glory.
I got fed up with secular blogging courses teaching strategies and tactics that weren’t God-honoring.
I got fed up with being told I need to do “all the things” to be successful.
I got fed up with being duped into buying tools that I didn’t need.
I just wanted to share Jesus and build my ministry in a God-honoring way!
Learning the ins and outs of digital ministry as a Christian blogger also enabled me to earn the income I needed to be able to stay home with my kids through their final years of high school and be there for those important moments before they entered adulthood.
AND, it has given me the confidence to know that I’m never too old to learn and that I have an important place here in this digital landscape.