Christian Bloggers Boot Camp

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Christian Blog Ministry

Boot Camp is currently CLOSED for enrollment. Our next enrollment period will be in January for our February 2024 class. Be sure to join the FB Group to get notified as well as get special discount pricing!


Are you a Christian Blogger who feels called to share the Gospel online but just can't seem to make any REAL progress with growing your blog ministry?

Do you struggle with getting actual organic traffic to your blog without having to continually promote it?

Does all this blogging stuff get you really frustrated because you just want to share Jesus with the online world?

Are you tired of seeing other bloggers boast of ridiculously high traffic and income stats and just feel like you will never achieve anything close to that?

Do you wish you could learn to be more productive with your blogging time (actually spend less time blogging) and see much higher results?

Do you wish you had a personal Christian blogging mentor who truly loves Jesus AND understands all this blogging stuff AND is focused on sharing the gospel online (and not just trying to get you to buy more blogging products)?

What if I told you that YOU CAN do or have all of these things!! What if I told you that building a successful Christian blog ministry isn't actually as difficult as you might think?

And what if I told you that you don't need all the newest blogging tools to make it happen?

What if I told you that you can be successful with a Christian blog without having to use sell your soul (or go against your Christian values)?

This is EXACTLY what the Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp is all about!


The Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp is an 8-week guided (group) training where we dive deep and help you:

  • Figure out WHO your target audience is (who your blog was meant to reach)
  • Optimize your blog's backend settings (so Google knows you exist)
  • Organize your blog (blog layout and design) for the best user experience
  • Improve your site speed and Google Web Core Vitals
  • Research your competitors (other bloggers who write about similar topics)
  • Do keyword research for individual blog posts
  • Format a blog post for Google (and a great reader experience)
  • Monetize without "promoting products" or trying to sell anything
  • Plan your content for the entire year
  • Put your blog on auto-pilot for continuous traffic, subscribers, and income

Learn how to lay a solid SEO foundation for your Christian blog so it will actually reach the people God intended it to reach!

And if your goal is to monetize your Christian blog, learn how to do it without making it look like a sales ad or having to "promote" products.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15 NIV

The Proof is in the Numbers!

With so many blogging courses out there, it is often difficult to sift through the hype and determine what is real and what if fluffed up a bit. The information that you will learn in the Kingdom Bloggers Coaching Program is meant to lay the foundation for you to have a successful Christian blog ministry.

While I can't absolutely guarantee that every student will have the SAME level of success, I can guarantee that if you follow the instruction provided, you WILL have success and see major improvements in your organic traffic, increasing your subscribers, and generating income (if you are monetizing your site).

Kingdom Bloggers launched at the beginning of December 2018. Three weeks after the first post was published, that post was ranking on Page One of Google results for the chosen keyword and is still holding it's spot on Page One.

Two years later, we are averaging approximately 90 THOUSAND individual users monthly!

And the BEST PART is that over 80 of that monthly traffic comes directly from Google searches (not Pinterest)!!!

Understanding how to generate genuine, organic traffic is so important for a Christian blog ministry! When you understand SEO and how to target the write words to reach your target audience naturally, you'll spend less time having to promote your blog posts - leaving you more time to write more amazing content and to begin building a genuine relationship with your readers.

SEO IS THE KEY to getting your content found online by those who truly need to read it!!

And don't just take my word for it! See the wins from past students of the Boot Camp:

2022 was the best blogging year I’ve had since starting in 2020! The biggest reason being LeeAnn’s advice and knowledge when it comes to creating and monetizing a site. She actually cares about seeing your blog grow and helps tremendously! I was finally accepted into SheMedia and reached my first goal of making $500 a month in passive income!

- Mindy, Mindy Jones Blog

Taking the Christian Bloggers Boot Camp with LeeAnn was the best thing I've done for my blog. I had bought lots of courses before, some cheap and some really pricey but I was just spinning my wheels. My friend suggested the boot camp and I grabbed it. In just 2 years, I've seen my sessions go from 200 per month to an average of 25,000 and my page views went from 400 to an average of 30 000 monthly. That's way more progress than I saw before. And the money has started coming in. Because of the strong SEO foundation from the boot camp I gained confidence to start freelance writing for other bloggers too. So from the ads on my blog, printables and writing I make more than $1000 monthly. I'm so excited because as a blogger based in Zimbabwe in Africa there are so many challenges to working online yet by God's grace I've had success. This year I even managed to achieve one of my biggest dreams - sending our first daughter to one of the best Christian schools in the country. I'd recommend the course to anyone and everyone even if you're based in Africa. Nothing is impossible with our God!

- Tinashe, Our God is With Us

2022 "Before taking this course, I had about 100 views a month and no understanding of how to get my blog posts to rank on Google. After taking this class, I had a clear path forward for my blog, a content plan, and a set of tools to improve my blog and blog posts. Soon after the end of class, I got to 1000+ monthly views. Now, my blog receives over 15k monthly views and I have been able to monetize my blog and join affiliate programs. I owe all my success to this course. It is the perfect launching pad for anyone who wants to take their blog or Christian ministry to the next level."

- Kara, Kara J Lovett

This training took my blogging journey from a writing hobby to share with friends and family to an online ministry that reaches thousands worldwide every month! Also, my traffic has increased to the point of allowing me to monetize with a quality ad network. So grateful for all the encouragement, tips, and strategies I learned in Bootcamp!

- Megan, Megan Allen Ministries

This course is closed for enrollment.

Taking LeeAnn Fox’s Boot Camp was the absolute best investment I’ve made for my online Bible study ministry since it began in 2017. Before taking the course, I had no idea just how crucial SEO is to an online ministry. Before learning SEO, I struggled with a Facebook group to try to get the word out about the Bible studies I’d been led to write, with very little success. Because of LeeAnn’s course and extra individualized help given, I’ve had 848 ladies sign up and go through the studies on my site over the past year and a half! Also, over that time my newsletter subscribers has increased from 1,266 to 4,464! My organic traffic has increased from 1,218 to 9,098! And my sales are now paying all the ministry expenses plus some!! LeeAnn’s desire to be used of the Lord and to help others spread God’s Word via the internet is evident in her teaching style and willingness to share her time with her students. LeeAnn breaks down the course information and assignments in a way that makes it nonintimidating and very doable. You will not regret taking this course!

- Teresa, Ladies Drawing Nigh

My confidence in writing blog posts has risen exponentially since taking boot camp. My traffic is growing, even after starting my blog over 3 times. Bootcamp was one of the best investments I could have made in my online ministry. And LeeAnn continues to guide you after boot camp is done. Through her different FB groups, the education continues. She is always available to answer questions and alert you to new developments in the digital world.

- Sandy, The Creators Classroom


This is not JUST another blogging course!

This is a ministry that teaches you how to truly spread the Word of God on the Internet in a way that reaches more people for His Kingdom.

When I started blogging in 2016 I had no idea just how much was required to successfully do it. For years I spun my wheels writing encouraging content that no one was reading. Then in April of 2020 I took This Bootcamp and it completely changed the trajectory of my blog and ministry. Since taking the course my blog traffic has consistently increased month to month from literally 1 visit a month to over 35000. If you are on the fence about taking this course, don’t be! It is absolutely what you need to help build your blog/ministry the right way!

- Ashley, Undoubted Grace

"This course was seriously the best investment I have ever made! For four years, I blogged and hardly made any progress. I knew it was my calling, but I didn't know how to reach people. But since completing the Boot Camp, my blog traffic has soared, and I regularly get emails from people thanking me for helping them through the content I create. And it's only continuing to grow! LeeAnn is the best teacher ever! She makes it possible for all us bloggers to fulfill our calling and reach more people for Jesus, and that is PRICELESS!"

- Barbara, Divine Creative Love

"If you meet anyone that knows about Kingdom Bloggers, they will speak so highly of LeeAnn and everything Kingdom Bloggers is about. However, my numbers prove how amazing Kingdom Bloggers is. Within three weeks of working with Kingdom Bloggers I got a blog post to page one of Google, and now that one post alone gets the same amount of traffic that my whole blog used to get. I started my site in March of 2020 and by November of 2021, I qualified for Mediavine and had over 62K monthly sessions! And did I mention that this happened during the pandemic AND me having a baby! This is a rare group that you can truly benefit whether you are a beginner or have years of blogging experience. Don’t miss out, this is one of the very few places I recommend in the blogging world.

- Jessie, Pray with Confidence

"In one month, my SEO traffic went from 258 to 770 through implementing LeeAnn’s techniques. I also now have a few posts ranking on page 1 of Google!! She has shared and taught a wealth of information that I am slowly putting into practice. I’m thrilled to see what the future holds and am so thankful for discovering this course! Her SEO course and boot camp are truly invaluable. "

- Erin, Raise Your Sword

"The Kingdom Bloggers Bootcamp is absolutely essential for anyone who is serious about growing their blog through organic means. If you're not where you want to be with traffic, subscribers, or monetization, just give yourself an 8-week vacation and stop blogging while you invest time into this course instead. You will not be disappointed and it will all be worth it! This training taught me that I was overworking, and doing most, if not everything wrong with my blog! I have only just begun to implement the KB Bootcamp strategies, and I see a huge difference. I am confident that this will be a game-changer for my blog. I can't wait to look back a year from now and see the growth!"

- Demetra, In the Mirror of God

"This Boot Camp was exactly what I needed to focus my ministry on the who and why. LeeAnn is an excellent teacher and makes the new concepts easy to understand and implement. The group itself is invaluable as it is a safe place to ask questions and get the support and answers you need from other Christian ministry leaders who are working right alongside each other. This is a group of collaboration and support and not comparison or competition! The boot camp class was easy to do in the time I had available and I've come back over and over again to rewatch or re-read different portions. If you are looking for a way to help your online ministry grow, this is definitely worth the time and money! Within 6 months of completing the training, my organic traffic has nearly doubled!"

- Karen, Savoring Each Moment

"I don't even know what to say right now LeeAnn, you truly are amazing. I've been watching my google analytics go up this week by 30% with me not even posting anything new. Granted this a unique time for online traffic, but my pinterest has soared without me pinning and my etsy sales have increased! Then I watched your new keywords video and started playing around with Ubersuggest and it led me to this. what? Page 1? I know the search volume on this is low, but I literally started to cry and I'm not a very emotional person."

- Rachael Belle, Healing Home


If you want to reach more people for Christ with your blog, you MUST lay a solid foundation and set it up for search engine success!

What You Will Learn in This Training

The Kingdom Bloggers Group Coaching is broken down into two parts. The first is an 8-week, intensive Backend Blogging Boot Camp where we dive deep into the foundation of your website to set it up for SEO success. Each week's curriculum is delivered via email at the beginning of the week, followed by a mid-week Zoom call to discuss that week's training topic.

  • Week 1: Defining Your Ministry's Target Audience - During the first week, we will work on really defining your blog ministry's target audience. This is, by far, the most important step if you expect your blog to grow and be successful. We will also take care of some administrative tasks such as filtering your IP address from analytics.
  • Week 2: Research Your Competitors - Find out who your competitors are and what keywords/queries are generating their traffic.
  • Week 3: Backend SEO - Learn how to set the SEO foundation for your actual website and submit your Sitemap to Google so your site can be indexed and found by search engines. Learn how to properly use categories and tags to help your readers better navigate your site AND to help search engine crawlers determine your site's purpose.
  • Week 4: Site Layout - Learn simple tweaks to better layout your site for the best user experience. Learn how to properly link to other content on your site (and content away from your site) using the correct anchor text (and why this is so important). Also, learn simple tweaks to improve page speed and Web Core Vitals, as well as the importance of mobile-first optimization.
  • Week 5: Research/Format/Write a Blog Post - Learn how to research keywords for individual blog posts. Learn how to write an outline and how to format your blog posts to be optimized for SEO and search engine crawlers. Understand how to properly use Headings, Alt Tags, anchor text, and images to help crawlers index your content.
  • Week 6: Optimizing for Pinterest - Learn how to properly optimize your blog to get traffic from Pinterest.
  • Week 7: Monetizing Your Content - Learn how to target money-making keywords WITHOUT making your blog look like a sales advertisement! (Includes full access to the Affiliate Marketing for Christian Bloggers course).
  • Week 8: Content Planning and Catch Up - Learn how to efficiently and effectively plan out your content for the entire year (Includes access to the Countdown to Conversions Planner).

Once the 8-week training is complete, you have the option to join PHASE 2, which is our monthly group coaching (at a minimal monthly fee). At the end of the course, you'll be provided the link to sign up for Phase 2 training.

In this second phase, you will be added to our KB Students Main Group where we have weekly Zoom calls on a variety of more advanced blogging topics. This is also where a lot of brainstorming and ideas happen, collaborations among bloggers in similar Christian blog niches, and amazing fellowship with each other to support and encourage one another.

The "magic" really happens once students get into the Phase 2 group. Once in this group, students are also able to begin being a contributing writer for the Kingdom Bloggers website.


"This year I took the Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp course and was amazed at what I learned and the degree to which it changed my approach to blogging. I had a small blog and was frustrated, wondering why I kept writing something no one was seeing. LeeAnn was a kind and patient teacher who supported my idea for a new blog. The amount of content you get for the price is incredible and, as a bonus, you get a team of people who support each other every step of the way. My new blog is growing and doing far better than I ever imagined and being part of the KB team has been one of the most important and wonderful parts of the experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to share Jesus and do it in a way that allows those who are searching to find the answers they need. It is worth the time, effort. and money."

-Fleda, Women Ministering

This course taught me foundational aspects of blogging that I didn't realize I needed. If you're going to blog and spend as much time as we do in preparation for a post, it's important to do it right. Not only that, but you want people to find you. This course teaches that. LeeAnn teaches in an easy-to-understand manner, with a servant's heart. I would recommend this course over any other course available!

- Wendy Wallace, One Exceptional Life

"I had been blogging for about six months when I enrolled in Kingdom Bloggers and discovered I didn’t really know a thing about blogging! From choosing my avatar to SEO to using Pinterest and social media, this course covers everything a blogger needs to know to start blogging seriously. LeeAnn is encouraging, accessible and knowledgeable. After only three months I’m ecstatic about the progress I’ve made with my blog!"

- Cindy, The Titus Woman

This training was PRICELESS! Plus the personalized help you offered was more than I have ever received from another group or class. It is an extremely valuable course, as it takes into account the heart of Christian blogging. Many courses offer tips for how to grow your blog, but this is specific to our community and niche. You set it apart with your heart for God and people.

- Erin, Lullaby Lark

"I expected videos and tutorials. I didn't expect how hands-on LeeAnn would be. She was available and quick to answer questions and provide feedback. I also like the priorities of the course. It was first about God and ministry. The main goal of many courses is making money. The knowledge I gained and the attention I recieved was worth way more than I paid."

- Heather, Lessons from Home

"11 out of 10. You covered everything so systematically and understandably that I actually understand SEO now. This course filled in all the gaps and helped me see this clearly. The value is exponentially returned before you even finish it. I've already seen my traffic spike and that's without share threads! Huge value."

- Tiffany, Hope Joy in Christ

"Upon reaching my one year blogging anniversary, I was ready to call it quits. I was beyond overwhelmed and no matter what I tried I was struggling to reach 50 page views a day. On a whim, I decided to give Kingdom Bloggers courses a try and it’s the best decision I have made thus far with my blog. I have gone from hardly any blog traffic to exceeding 100 page views a day and even ranking on page one of Google. LeeAnn’s courses have really helped me to figure out SEO and figure out my Avatar. I am excited for what the future holds for Rock Solid Faith."

- Shanique, Rock Solid Faith

"I have learned more about setting up and maintaining a blog in two months working with Kingdom Bloggers than I did in two years on my own! LeeAnn takes you step by step and breaks down the basics for managing a successful blog. SEO is no longer a mystery and my posts are now reaching my target audience!

- Mary, Simple Life Simple Faith

"If you want to learn the ends and outs of Christian blogging, while growing with a community of other believers from all walks of life this is the course for you. I've learned things I'd never heard of before taking this class, and it's equipped me to better reach the world for Christ. "

- Cheyenne, Rosevine Cottage Girls

"This course helps us to go back and fix the very foundation of our blogs. Very valuable course. You will be so amazed at all that you will learn! This course is a blessing!"

- Donna, Fresh Grace for Today

"I felt like LeeAnn actually cared about my blogging success. She gave each of us personal attention and used her own personal time to meet with us one on one if we needed it. it takes way more than just writing a nice post. If they want to be found in the search engines, so people can read their post they have to learn seo and LeeAnn is the person who can give them that understanding."

- Denise, I Write 4 Him

Your Instructor

LeeAnn Fox
LeeAnn Fox

LeeAnn is a retired Navy Veteran turned Christian blogging coach. After leaving the military, she found her passion - helping God's Army of Christian writers to flood the Internet with His love! She created Kingdom Bloggers as a place for Christian Bloggers to learn the art of blogging so they can get more Jesus on Page One of Google!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access - across any and all devices you own. Since this course includes live training via Zoom, you'll also have lifetime access to the replays of all live training during your class!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What if I'm not using Wordpress for my blog?
While the "backend settings" training is specific to a WordPress blog, the rest of the training can be applied regardless of the blogging platform that you use. The concepts of how to write content that is optimized for SEO isn't specific to WordPress.