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Everything You Need to Plan for Traffic, Subscribers, and Income for Your Christian Blog


Do you struggle with figuring out what you should be doing and when you should be doing it as it pertains to growing your blog?

I'm not just talking about the actual blog posts (although that IS important) - but BEYOND the blog post.

Do you have a plan for building your email list?

Do you have a plan for monetizing your blog? And I'm not just talking about casually adding affiliate links here and there. I'm talking about an actual strategy to promote the right products and/or create your own products?

The truth is that most bloggers approach all of these things without an actual PLAN. They just sort of wing it from week to week or post to post. And the result is most often NOT what they are hoping to accomplish!

What if I told you creating a solid plan for success in all 3 areas (traffic, subscribers, and income) is actually much easier than you might think?

The Countdown to Conversions Planner was created to help you map out the plan for ALL of these things for the entire year. The entire purpose of this planner is to PLAN for the CONVERSIONS in advance.

Traffic is the first conversion you should be focusing on. Without traffic, the other conversions won't happen. So planning for the right traffic is super important! Also, planning to publish your content BEFORE the search season for the topic. For example, if you have Christmas content, you should not be publishing it in December!

Once you get the content mapped out (to generate traffic), you should also be creating a plan for what to be doing each month to increase your subscribers.

The final conversion you hope to gain is that of income. Getting those affiliate links to convert to sales takes a plan. And if you create your own products, these should also be based on the PLAN and not just something you randomly come up with.

This planner will help you map out:

  • A 12-month blog content plan.
  • When to publish seasonal content for maximum traffic.
  • When to update older blog posts for maximum effectiveness.
  • Optin ideas to build your subscriber list effectively
  • What to email your current list each week.
  • What affiliate products you should be promoting each month (and how to effectively promote them).
  • What types of products you might create that will actually convert to sales.

In addition to the blog content planner, it also includes a detailed roadmap for planning out your income success for the year!

"I'm so thankful for LeeAnn and her expertise in all things blogging! I have been blogging off and on for a few years now. In the past, my posts have just been random thoughts of whatever happened to be on my mind that day. I now have a clear goal and vision for my blog. I know who my target audience is and I have a plan to reach them. AND, I have the first 6 months of content already planned out! I feel confident and equipped to press on in this calling to get more of Jesus on the internet!"

- Megan, Megan Allen Ministries

"I just love the Countdown to Conversions Planner! It keeps me focused on what's important. I've used other blogging planners before, but this is different and unique. It's tailored to not only that particular month's high-level tasks like posts, email, products, etc, it also compels you to think ahead 3 months in advance. It's EXACTLY what I needed for someone like me who has 'shiny objects' syndrome!"

- Natalie, Bible Verses for You

"Game-changing! Staying organized and on track to succeed is so important and this planner makes it so easy. Thanks to the Countdown To Conversion Planner I know exactly what I need to get done each month to reach my goals and take my blog to the next level."

- Cheyenne, Rosevine Cottage Girls

"The Countdown to Conversions planner has quickly become my absolute favorite resource as a blogger and content creator. It helped me plan out my year, focus in on what mattered, and continues to keep me accountable. You will not regret using this planner. It helps you think 3 months ahead, so your content is not only planned but ready to go when you need it. I use it every single day!"

- Rachael, Healing Home

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LeeAnn Fox
LeeAnn Fox

LeeAnn is a retired Navy Veteran turned Christian blogging coach. After leaving the military, she found her passion - helping God's Army of Christian writers to flood the Internet with His love! She created Kingdom Bloggers as a place for Christian Bloggers to learn the art of blogging so they can get more Jesus on Page One of Google!

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