Blog Planning Bundle


The Blog Planning Bundle includes all 3 of my blog planning tools (at a discounted rate):

  • The Blog Planning Toolkit ($29 value)
  • The SEO Checklist Bundle ($12 value)
  • How to Research and Write a Blog Post That Ranks on Google ($12 value)

Blog Planning Toolkit

The Blog Planning Toolkit is a comprehensive workbook created to help you in mapping out the blueprint for your Christian blog ministry. God put it on your heart to share a message that a very particular person needs to hear (read). Having a solid blueprint for your blog will ensure that the intended person is able to find that message and read it!

The truth is that most Christian blogs struggle to get organic traffic because they aren't publishing content in a way that makes sense and draws in the intended audience. While we are all here to share Christ with the world, it is important that our individual messages are tailored to reach a very specific person.

The Internet doesn't work the same way a book store does. Readers find your content by way of search engines (which operate through search algorithms). In order for your message to reach the right person, it must be packaged in a way that markets to that particular person (not the entire world).

This workbook will help you map out:

  • Your target audience (who your message was meant for)
  • What help you will offer them through your content
  • A 12-month blog post plan
  • What optins, affiliate products, and resources they need and want.
  • How to lay out your site for the best user experience.

SEO Checklist Bundle

Are you struggling to remember when and where to do this and that when it comes to your blog?

  • "Where do I need to put my SEO keywords in the blog post?"
  • "What blocks need to be filled out for images in my blog post?"
  • "Besides the SEO keywords, what other things do I need to do on a blog post before I hit publish?"
  • "What exactly do I change when I update older blog posts for SEO?"
  • "What do I do AFTER I hit the publish button?"

This SEO Checklist Bundle includes:

  • SEO Tutorials List - This page includes tutorials for all things SEO to help you understand SEO works and how to implement it on your blog.
  • Backend SEO Checklist - Ensure you enter the SEO data for all your administrative settings and pages.
  • Blog Post Keyword Checklist - Ensure you've included your SEO keywords in all the crucial places in the blog post.
  • Update Older Post Checklist - Checklist of things to edit or change when updating older blog posts for better SEO.
  • Blog Post Before Publish Checklist - Everything you need to check on your blog post before you hit the publish button.
  • Blog Post After Publish Checklist - Everything you should do after you hit the publish button.
  • Bulk Pins to Tailwind Checklist - Steps for uploading additional pins to Tailwind and scheduling them out over the next year.
  • Optimize Image Checklist - What to enter and where for images that you add to your blog post.

How to Research and Write a Blog Post That Ranks on Google

How exactly do you write a blog post that will show up in search results (preferably on Page One)?

Take a peak over my shoulder (literally with a video) as I do the keyword research for 2 different types of blog posts, followed by how to put that research together into an outline for writing your blog post!

This workbook will show you how to gather all the important details (variable keyords, related keywords, people also ask questions, etc) and put them together into an outline that helps Google understand and rank your content much easier and much quicker.

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LeeAnn Fox

LeeAnn is a retired Navy Veteran turned Christian blogging coach. After leaving the military, she found her passion - helping God's Army of Christian writers to flood the Internet with His love! She created Kingdom Bloggers as a place for Christian Bloggers to learn the art of blogging so they can get more Jesus on Page One of Google!

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